Goodyear presented concept tires Eagle-360

According to forecasts of one of the world’s largest producers of automobile tires, the American company Goodyear, by 2035 the market of pilotless vehicles will make about 85 million annually sold units. In opinion of GoodYear, one of perspective innovations there will be use of tires of far nonconventional design.


Goodyear has shown on the Geneva motor show the concept of spherical tires under the name Eagle-360. Americans believe that such tires in the future will find broad application. They will be made by means of the 3D – the press on individual design: for example, their characteristics will be set depending on location of the car and manner of driving of his owner. Continue reading

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Review of new Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT

Summer tires Bridgestone Potenza RE050A differs from the model with the same name exclusively technology RFT (Run-Flat Tire). As well as “original”, it has been developed specially for cars with powerful engines and sports roadability. Thus it is distinguished by excellent coupling properties and stability on any speed that has been reached by means of advanced technologies and materials. Continue reading

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Nokian Nordman SX Z

Unlike model almost with the same name which do not have letters Z in the name, targets audience of the summer tires, Nokian SX Z are for the domestic motorists who are a good judge of active maneuvering and high-speed driving of cars. After all this novelty of the Finnish manufacturer concerns category Ultra High Performance that assumes presence of faultless coupling properties, both on dry, and on wet asphalt at in a sports way perfected roadability. Continue reading

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New Goodyear UltraGrip 9, what to expect ?

The director for technologies of compartment of passenger car tires Goodyear Xavier Fraipont opened details about process of working out of new winter tire Goodyear UltraGrip 9. The success of a hit is always very difficult for repeating, and as since 2011 in Europe it has been sold over seven millions Goodyear UltraGrip 8, tires of the ninth generation should be really qualitative to be compared to the previous model. During a recent meeting in the Center of innovations Goodyear in Luxembourg the company held presentation of new tires, and Xavier Fraipont, the director for technologies of compartment of passenger tires Goodyear, told about how were created Goodyear UltraGrip 9. Hardly it is necessary to be surprised that in the company new tires consider as a key element of “winter” assortment. Workings out began, when in 2011 have been released the Goodyear UltraGrip 8, from computer modelling. Against nine tires of competitors it has been tested an order of 70 variants of new tires. Seven test sessions in winter conditions allowed to be defined definitively with a tread pattern – if more precisely, with drawings because Goodyear UltraGrip 9 are accessible in versions with and without the central longitudinal flute which in narrower models increases quantity of edges of gearing for good roadability on snow. Continue reading

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Continental found a way to reduce tire noise

The American company developed new technology called ContiSilent which helps to reduce essentially in a passenger compartment the noise made by tires.
The secret of new technology consists that at tire manufacturing the special covering is put on an internal surface of a tread. It is a special layer of foam which “blanks off” the sound waves caused by movement of wheels, irrespective of a surface on which the car moves.
The noise reaching of a passenger compartment becomes on 9 dB less, and it, in turn, considerably raises level of comfort of passengers. All other components of the tire, as well as a tread pattern, are borrowed standard models. Differences in the main characteristics, such as braking, accuracy of steering or driving on wet road, does not exist. Remained invariable and a tread rim, and also process of installation of tires. While with the given technology summer models of tires are accessible only.
The first manufacturer that will fit tires with technology ContiSilent will be Audi – models RS 6 Avant and RS 7 Sportback, these will be equipped with tires ContiSportContact 5 P.

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Bridgestone Ecopia EP001 S – First tires with highest “A/A” rating

On October, 1st, 2012 on the European market tires Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S which received the higher rating of “AA” on new European system of identification mark will be presented.

Tires Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S have already been presented in Japan where they received the maximum ratings for profitability and clutch on a wet surface, on Japanese system of identification mark – “AAA-a”. It is Literally in a week Bridgestone declared that new tires received a rating “A/A” and by new rules of the European Union, and in October of this year of the tire appear in the European market. In Japan tires will be exhausted on August, 1st in size 195/65R15, and the official European premiere takes place on the Parisian showroom of this year in October. Bridgestone also declared that since July, 1st of this year the majority of the passenger car tires realized in Europe, will be supplied by the new labels informing on clutch on wet road, swing resistance and noise level. Since November, 1st, 2012 new identification mark becomes obligatory for all tires in the European market.

Bridgestone reminds that on labels it will be specified only three key characteristics of tires whereas actually it is much more of them. For this reason at purchase of tires it is necessary to pay attention to such parameters as braking on dry road, a road-holding ability, wear resistance etc., and if to speak about winter tire covers, to key factors roadability and braking efficiency on snow and ice are added. Besides, it is told in statement Bridgestone, buyers should remember that some characteristics are in the direct conflict to other parameters. For example, there is a traditional problem of balance between clutch on a wet surface for which the increase in a friction with road, and fuel efficiency for which it is necessary to reduce a friction at swings is required. «Thanks to our newest technologies, such as NanoPro-Tech, we could resolve similar conflicts and develop the tires which have received estimations“ AA ”on new system of identification mark of EU, – the general director and the president of European compartment Bridgestone Frank Annunziato declared. – We extremely are proud of that Bridgestone became one of the first companies which have declared release on the European market of tires with a rating“ AA ”. On July, 1st, 2012 in Europe tires Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue with estimations “AA” have been exhausted, and in the spring of next year the tires with the higher rating on new system of identification mark present in the European market Korean Hankook and Kumho.

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New Continental summer tires ContiPremiumContact 5

Company Continental declares an exit on the market of new model of summer tires − ContiPremiumContact 5.

Continental PremiumContact 5The new summer tire for cars a compact and middle class will be made 26 sizes for disks in the size from 14 to 17 inches, and its resource allows to accelerate momentum to 270 km/h. As a result of measurements considerable advantages of the tire in comparison with previous model have been revealed: the braking distance on a damp road carpet managed to be reduced to 15 %, lower sway resistance to on 8 %, reliability to increase by 12 %, and comfort of driving – on 5 %. Characteristics of road ability both on dry, and on a damp road carpet also improved in comparison with the previous model. The engineers who have developed ContiPremiumContact 5, counted on the big flutes of a humeral zone of a tread. Such design borrowed sports tires, provides good clutch, first of all, on turning movements. Driving on a damp road carpet assumes the maximum assignment of water from a contact piece stain. On new tires ContiPremiumContact 5 for it answer so-called aqualamel thanks to which water is quickly forced out even at driving on high speed. New tire ContiPremiumContact 5 appears on sale by spring of current year and gradually replaces the checked up previous model. The first cars of Audi with this tire are already exhausted (series AO).

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Porsche 911 Carrera 2 will wear Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tires

Summer tires for the fast cars, created by a new summer season of 2011. The novelty differs the short braking distance, tremendous road ability and high level of comfort.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2The structure of framework Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is created on technology Active Braking — interlacing’s of cord plies that in a combination with enriched silica and rubber mixture creates the new standard of road ability and braking both on dry, and on wet road. Technology Active Braking increases the area of contact piece of the tire with road to braking time. Whereas usually projector blocks at braking are not stretched almost, at Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 blocks of a tread are stretched, also increasing contact piece to road. The rubber mixture in which polymers with high molecular weight are combined, great volume silica and the pitches used at creation of racing tires, creates the improved clutch on wet road. The result — at these tires is better clutch and the braking distance on dry or wet road, than at similar models of other manufacturers is shorter.

Tires of this model have smaller weight, and their design is designed taking into all this aerodynamic principles that allows to consume less fuel at movement.

The special design of blocks of tread Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 is designed so that to absorb noise at movement. 64 blocks in an external shoulder of a tread and 72 blocks — in internal blank out noise, giving to the driver and passengers acoustic comfort.

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New product Energy XM2 From Michelin

The distinctive characteristic of new tires is high strength which, according to the manufacturer, is represented to one of the most important qualities of the tires used in territory of Eastern Europe and other countries. Such strength is reached thanking special technology Michelin IRON Flex which raises hardness and its ability to be deformed at passage of roughness’s of road (holes, tram ways, other extraneous subjects). The novelty possesses on 20 % the big run in comparison with tire Michelin Energy Saver. New tires Michelin Energy XM2 urged to satisfy demand of consumers in a segment of tires for cars with landing diameter of 13-15 inches.

Today the share of the given segment makes 85 % in the market of summer tires for passenger cars, and there are essential preconditions for preservation of this share in intermediate term prospect, at the expense of growth of sizes 14 and 15 inches, consider in company Michelin.

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Two new tire models from Michelin

Michelin represents new winter tires MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 4 and MICHELIN Latitude Alpin 2, intended for high-speed cars and crossovers which go on sale in the spring of 2012. New tires MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 4 and MICHELIN Latitude Alpin 2, intended for high-speed and powerful cars, allow to keep exclusive road ability and control over the car and at the same time differ high divergence.

Michelin simultaneously improved at once some components of new tire MICHELIN Pilot Alpin, including a tire tread pattern, structure of its rubber mixture. It has been developed two types of a tread to satisfy technical requirements of sports cars.

The new tire MICHELIN Latitude Alpin 2 intended for high-speed crossovers possesses following advantages:
– The raised level of safety. The braking distance is shorter on 2 m on snow-covered road and on 4 m – on iced over;
– The raised level of control;
– The raised level of road ability.

For new tires MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 4 and MICHELIN Latitude Alpin 2 experts in the field of research and developmental workings out of “Group Michelin” created the concept of design Ridge-n-Flex consisting in an optimum combination of two technologies:
– A relief tread for the best clutch on winter road with alternating elements (StabiliGrip) for the purpose of maintenance of optimum ruggedness for accuracy of steering;
– A flexible rubber mixture (HelioCompound 3G) for the best clutch on the wet and ice-covered road keeping elasticity even at low temperatures.

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Summer tires from Continental got excellent results in tests

Within the limits of the first stage of tests of German edition of AutoBild by braking characteristics on dry and wet road carpets of 50 tires of a standard size 225/45 R 17 have been tested. The braking distance of tires ContiSportContact 5 on dry road made only 36,8 meters, and on wet – 43,7, and the car moved with a speed of 100 km/h. Excellent characteristics allowed tire ContiSportContact 5 to enter into the five of leaders among 45 competitors. 15 best models got to the second stage only. Among them, besides tires ContiSportContact 5, there were sports tires Uniroyal RainSport 2 and tires of budgetary segment Barum Bravuris 2 which proved, what even inexpensive tires of concern are capable to provide excellent braking and confidence on dry and wet road.

During the test journalists did 1700 tests for braking since the speed of 100 km/h. Results showed that with the given problem 25 % of tires consulted only. Thus, before the second round 15 best models have been admitted only. Experts noticed that the braking distance on wet road of every third tire of the competitor can be characterized as “dangerous”. Results of the comparative test showed: the difference in brake distances between ContiSportContact 5 and other tires made the whole 28 meters that in 6 times exceeds length of the car, press-service Continental informs.

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