Goodyear presented concept tires Eagle-360

According to forecasts of one of the world’s largest producers of automobile tires, the American company Goodyear, by 2035 the market of pilotless vehicles will make about 85 million annually sold units. In opinion of GoodYear, one of perspective innovations there will be use of tires of far nonconventional design.


Goodyear has shown on the Geneva motor show the concept of spherical tires under the name Eagle-360. Americans believe that such tires in the future will find broad application. They will be made by means of the 3D – the press on individual design: for example, their characteristics will be set depending on location of the car and manner of driving of his owner.

Spherical wheels will keep in the car by means of magnetic levitation. Eagle-360 will equip, sensors which will be able to trace condition of road carpet and to react to the arising obstacles that will allow to make movement safer and effective.

“Smart” tires will also evaluate degree of the wear and to transfer information to the central control systems of the pilotless car. The concept provides that at strong wear of certain surface of protector, the system will automatically change orientation of wheels that will provide their bigger resource of work.

GoodYear Eagle-360

GoodYear Eagle-360

Spherical tires Goodyear have the tread pattern reminding natural surface structure of brain corals. Omnidirectional “wrong” drawing turns Eagle-360 “in the ideal tire capable to rotate in any direction”, at the same time increasing coupling with the road.
Emptiness in surface of protector will fill with special material with properties of natural sponge. It will absorb water, and then to throw out it by means of centrifugal forces, preventing creation of effect of hydroplaning – total or partial loss of coupling on wet surface.

The electric motor and the accumulator is installed in each spherical tire, and the remained emptiness are filled with the reinforced polyfoam. “Future tires” will turn round own axis, adapting to driving in different weather conditions, and respectively reacting, for example, to thin ice or gravel, reports The same, at the movement on dry cloth the central narrow channel in protector will be located perpendicular to driving direction.

As the wheel in the form of sphere is capable to turn of 360 degrees, in the future the technology is able to afford to narrow parking lots, after all the cars equipped with spherical tires need less space for maneuvering. Considering that availability of parking spaces will continue to remain problem of megalopolises, such tires will allow to increase the capacity of parkings, without increasing their size.

“In spite of the fact that this tire is absolute concept, it reflects the innovation vision of Goodyear and shows methods of the solution of future problems of drivers. According to results of our new research, young drivers consider hi-tech pilotless cars as the integral component of mobility of the future, and reliability and safety remain for them key priorities”, – Jean-Claude Kean, the head of Goodyear EMEA has noted.

GoodYear IntelliGrip

GoodYear IntelliGrip

In Geneva Goodyear has also provided one more concept of tires under the name IntelliGrip. These tires have traditional design, but are equipped with the whole set of sensors for obtaining the most various data. It is information on quality of road carpet, weather conditions, temperature of the tire and pressure in it and so forth. It is supposed that information will be transferred to the control module, to be analyzed and be applied to optimization of work of different systems, including stabilization systems, besides, increasing thus traffic safety.

Let’s remind, the Goodyear company has presented conceptual tires BH03 which are capable to develop current flow from friction of protector about asphalt on the Geneva car showroom 2015. The electricity is generated by piezo element from heat developed after contact of the tire with the road. Thus, in the future electric vehicles will be able to receive energy also by means of the wheels.

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