New Continental summer tires ContiPremiumContact 5

Company Continental declares an exit on the market of new model of summer tires − ContiPremiumContact 5.

Continental PremiumContact 5The new summer tire for cars a compact and middle class will be made 26 sizes for disks in the size from 14 to 17 inches, and its resource allows to accelerate momentum to 270 km/h. As a result of measurements considerable advantages of the tire in comparison with previous model have been revealed: the braking distance on a damp road carpet managed to be reduced to 15 %, lower sway resistance to on 8 %, reliability to increase by 12 %, and comfort of driving – on 5 %. Characteristics of road ability both on dry, and on a damp road carpet also improved in comparison with the previous model. The engineers who have developed ContiPremiumContact 5, counted on the big flutes of a humeral zone of a tread. Such design borrowed sports tires, provides good clutch, first of all, on turning movements. Driving on a damp road carpet assumes the maximum assignment of water from a contact piece stain. On new tires ContiPremiumContact 5 for it answer so-called aqualamel thanks to which water is quickly forced out even at driving on high speed. New tire ContiPremiumContact 5 appears on sale by spring of current year and gradually replaces the checked up previous model. The first cars of Audi with this tire are already exhausted (series AO).

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