Nokian Nordman SX Z

Unlike model almost with the same name which do not have letters Z in the name, targets audience of the summer tires, Nokian SX Z are for the domestic motorists who are a good judge of active maneuvering and high-speed driving of cars. After all this novelty of the Finnish manufacturer concerns category Ultra High Performance that assumes presence of faultless coupling properties, both on dry, and on wet asphalt at in a sports way perfected roadability.

The aggressive V-shaped tread pattern

Nokian_Nordman_SX_ZExternal shape of the given model does not match in any way reputation of trade mark Nordman under which are issued exclusively economic tire production intended, first of all, for family cars of small and average classes. It is distinguished by very aggressive V-shaped tread design more inherent in tires, intended for racing tracks. It consists of two humeral zones occupying a considerable part of the area of drawing and the central part, containing one very wide longitudinal edge. High efficiency of steering of One of prominent features of the given model is speed and accuracy of reactions to wheel turning movements. In many respects it is a merit of the central longitudinal edge. It represents integral indissoluble shape elements possessing very high constructive ruggedness which provides firmness to any deformation changes. Besides, it is necessary to note presence on the central edge of the indicator of the deterioration providing easy definition of residual depth of a tread without use of any special tool. Exclusive clutch on wet road the Considerable part of attention Finnish tire makers gave by working out of the given model has been given maintenance of the maximum coupling properties on wet road. Besides the visible factor in the form of V-shaped tread drawing of it managed to achieve at the expense of physical characteristics of a rubber mixture of the tread having a multilayered design. The bottom base layer differs the raised ruggedness that allows the tire to react to wheel turning movements very quickly. In turn, the top layer is made of more elastic rubber mixture thanks to which reliable clutch on cold and wet road from a rain is provided. Besides, both structures differ the raised heat conductivity thanks to what the tire practically does not heat up at movement on high speed that, in turn, positively affects, both on roadability, and on fuel efficiency.

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