Continental presents Visual Alignment Indicator in Europe

System Visual Alignment Indicator allows without difficult electronic measurements to distinguish companies Continental which allows simply incorrect installation of a wheel, will be presented in Europe.

According to experts of company Continental, unduly positive or negative corner of a camber of wheels and incorrectly established descent lead fast wear of tires, to restore which already extremely difficult. System VAI allows simply and without difficult electronic measurements to distinguish incorrect installation of a wheel or a wrong arrangement of the shaft. In the company press-service explained that VAI many years and now company Continental are successfully used in the market of the USA represents it in Europe.

In the official press release of the company it is noticed that not only the best tires for a commercial truck transport are able “counteract” wheel miss-adjustment. To avoid increasing consumption of fuel because of incorrectly adjusted descent-disorder, the patented visual indicator of updating is offered to motorists. This system allows to watch deterioration of a tread of each wheel without use of electronic probing devices. In particular, the indicator on rubber is made of pairs of flutes which are located on tire outer side in 5 certain points on a circle of a shoulder of a tread. Already after several thousand kilometers of run it is possible to compare “strips-indicators” which vary on depth from 1 to 4 mm, whether and to be convinced on shoulders of the tire deterioration coincides with deterioration on tire shoulders on the shaft opposite side. Thanks to the indicator even the person without technical education can distinguish incorrect installation of a wheel.

In each specific case system VAI shows, to what particularly kind of miss-adjustment of wheels leads to deterioration of rubber, thanks to indicator drawing. System VAI allows to find out premature deterioration of the tire and the increased fuel consumption caused by raised resistance at early stages. It is planned that further this system will be base for tires of a steering shaft new L a class 2 + (distant distances) in standard sizes 315/70 R 22.5 (standard and XL version) and 355/50 R 22.5. In case of successful tests of the given system for the given models of tires its further distribution on all other rulers of cargo tires Continental is planned.

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Goodyear EfficientGrip tires for SUVs and Off-Roaders

Company Goodyear declared start of production of new tires EfficientGrip SUV for SUV/4×4 – economic and harmless.

Intended for cars of class SUV/4×4 new tire Goodyear promotes fuel economy, drop of blowouts CO2 and movement with noise low level. The tire is accessible in wide assortment of standard sizes to various kinds SUV/4×4 – from full-size luxury-class cars to cars with the standard, compact and truncated base.

At the heart of working out new EfficientGrip SUV Technology Goodyear lies innovative FuelSaving. The tire structure includes special polymer thanks to which began possible to lower resistance rolling, to reduce fuel consumption and to reduce blowouts of CO2.

One more innovation used by working out of the new tire, are special 3D edges of blocks of a tread which allow to increase clutch of the tire with road and to reduce a car braking distance to some meters, the company press-service informs.

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Continental and Brabus signs the technological cooperation agreement

The company-manufacturer of tires Continental and Brabus, the well-known tuning studio and an auto maker, entered into the agreement on technological cooperation.

The agreement has been signed on the Frankfurt showroom by Nikolai Setzer, the head of division of passenger tires and board of Directors of concern Continental, and Bodo Buschmann, head Brabus. Partners agreed to unite the knowledge for the purpose of increase of indicators of safety during the sport events.

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New series of winter tires from Nokian called Hakkapeliitta

In a winter season 2011 company Nokian Tires represents new standard sizes in a line of models of tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta. The new sizes received Hakkapeliitta 7, Hakkapeliitta R, and also their off-road versions. In a ruler of standard sizes of winter spiked tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 there was a new size 195/50 R16 88T NOKIAN HKPL 7 XL. It approaches for such cars, as Audi A1, Citroen C3, Hyundai i20, Mercedes A-class, Mitsubishi Lancer, Renault Clio and Megane, Subaru Impreza and Suzuki Swift.

Among novelties frictional Nokian Hakkapeliitta R also there was a size 195/50 R16 88R NOKIAN HKPL R XL, but also 185/70 R14 92R NOKIAN HKPL R XL which is recommended for cars of Honda Accord and Civic, Mitsubishi Galant, Opel Astra and Corsa, Renault Kangoo and Subaru Impreza. Continue reading

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New winter tires Goodyear UltraGrip 8

Winter spiked tires UltraGrip8 appeared this year and dispersed already by circulation more than 50 million units. The novelty had time to win prize-winning places in many competitions spent by the European automobile mass-media. Some the independent European expert organizations in which number and auto club ADAC (Germany), supported the decision of journalists from German Auto Zeitung, British Auto Express and Finnish Tekniikan Maailma. Comparative tests of tires-novelties of the winter season 2011-2012, spent by cross-sectional mass-media, showed that the most suitable to a continental climate are tires Goodyear UltraGrip 8.

The largest automobile club of Germany ADAC tested cars of different classes – Skoda Octavia with tyres dimension 195/65 R15 and Ford Fiesta with rubber 175/65 R14. Numerous arrivals in various road conditions assigned Goodyear a rank of the leader in the field of clutch on snow and on a dry covering, with excellent level of resistance to hydroplaning. Their colleagues from Auto Motor und Sport conducted comparative tests with participation of 14 models of winter tires by dimension 205/55 R16 91H, using only one car – Volkswagen Passat. Following the results of their test Goodyear UltraGrip 8 headed a rating in the category with “total absence of weak places and exemplary indicators on snow and a wet covering”. New winter tires of series UltraGrip with a factory index 8 debuted this year. And for all 2011 it has been sold more than 50 million tire covers. As the manufacturer confirms, it is the first-ever directed tire with the patented system of three-dimensional mutual gearing of blocks of a tread 3D-BIS. The difference in length of braking distance UltraGrip 8 in comparison with other models makes from one to one and a half ten meters – in many cases of it enough to avoid crash, or it is essential to reduce its consequences.

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