Review of new Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT

Summer tires Bridgestone Potenza RE050A differs from the model with the same name exclusively technology RFT (Run-Flat Tire). As well as “original”, it has been developed specially for cars with powerful engines and sports roadability. Thus it is distinguished by excellent coupling properties and stability on any speed that has been reached by means of advanced technologies and materials.

The rigid massive longitudinal edge in the center of a tread

Bridgestone-Potenza-RE050A-RunFlatOne of prominent features of the asymmetric directed tread pattern of this tire is the longitudinal edge lying exactly on its center. Given tread differs an indissoluble design and in the massive sizes that gives it considerable ruggedness. By means of this decision Japanese tires it was possible to give to the tire excellent stability and stability at movement on high speed, and also instantaneousness and accuracy of responses to wheel turning movements. Exclusive firmness to hydroplaning At movement the given model shows very high firmness to hydroplaning. It is provided at the expense of the extremely effective design of drainage system of a tread. Its basic components are three longitudinal flutes which are settling down in the central part. Besides, the structure of drainage system includes set of cross-section flutes. The majority of them not only is directed against movement, but also has the changeable width increasing from the beginning by the end of a draining trench. These design features considerably increase speed of circulation on them waters that, in turn, raises firmness to hydroplaning. Thereupon it is necessary to note presence of the additional fourth draining trench which is settling down in a humeral zone from outer side of a tread. It considerably reduces risk of occurrence of effect of hydroplaning at passage of turning movements.

The plied-up tread

The Tread of the given tire has a two-layer structure. Its bottom base layer is made of more rigid structure of a rubber mixture that improves roadability, fuel efficiency, and also firmness to non-uniform deterioration. In turn, the top external layer of a tread is made of rubber mixture AQ-Compound II. It differs From the first version ability to keep optimum elasticity in wider range of temperatures. The given feature gives roadabilities still the big stability and predictability that essentially facilitates managerial process by the car at movement on high speed and adverse weather conditions.

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